At ESC Automation Toronto, we have the capacity to train our customers within our local office environment, on the job site, and at our factory location in Vancouver, BC. As a developer and manufacturer of native BACnet, open architecture systems, we believe it is important to provide systems training, support and information to our customers. Below are just a few examples of what we provide to support our customers’ learning and development:

  • in-person, online and cloud-based training
  • self-paced training options
  • how-to videos, product literature and installation guides

George University is one mechanism we use for delivering virtual, self-paced training. This dedicated training website provides access to video training courses including:

  • F-102 Introduction to George University
  • F-108 The Delta Building Automation System
  • F-112 Powering and Wiring Delta Controllers
  • F-120 ORCAview OWS Software
  • F-160 Software Objects Control Loop object lesson
  • F-164 Programming in GCL+
  • F-168 Delta Event Management System
  • F-170 Collecting, Viewing and Analyzing Trends
  • A-100 Introduction to Access Control
  • A-102 The Delta Access Control System

ESC Automation Toronto is a factory certified trainer in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer certified Level 1 Core Technical training as well as training for our enteliWEB software. This training includes:

  • Review of the Delta Controls System
  • Review of Network Architecture
  • Network Configurations (MS/TP, Ethernet, BACnet IP/ UDP/IP, PoE)
  • Review of BACnet and Definitive Objects
  • Scheduling of Equipment
  • Alarm Management and Trend Log Management
  • Navigation of Dashboard and Controllers via enteliWEB
  • Analog / Binary Input & Output Control and Configurations
  • Set-point Adjustment and Auto / Manual Overrides
  • Demand Control Management

Further to the above classroom content, we also provide localized training on-site for the following as part of our continued training commitment throughout the project cycle. Through this training, we:

  • Provide a complete project walkthrough to the operations team, identifying controllers and end device locations (such as valves, sensors, actuators, integrated systems, etc.)
  • Explain troubleshooting of the Delta Controls systems in terms of controller communication cycles, power, networking, input and output control, and review sequences of operation for on-site systems.
  • Discuss network topology solutions for smart building integration and integrated applications.

ESC Automation Toronto is committed to providing training to our customers through the project cycle, post-construction process and warranty period. All our employees are factory trained on our products and software to assist you with your training requirements.

Please contact ESC Automation Toronto at 647-789-2600 or via email at