300 Water St Toronto retrofit

ESC Automation Toronto over the past 3 years we have been involved with a retrofit upgrade of the Ministry of Environment and Agricultural Building in Peterborough, known to us as 300 Water Street.  The scope of this retrofit was to replace the existing system with a Delta Controls solution and provide enhanced energy efficient sequences complying with LEED EBOM Platinum guidelines while providing full 100% functionality during its transition.  This project involved many partners, owners, and contractors including Infrastructure Ontario, CB Richard Ellis, CFMS, Pinchinn Environmental, Morrison & Hershfield, JG Wallins, and ESC Automation Toronto.

Infrastructure Ontario earned a LEED Innovation Award for the 300 Water Street Project.  The facility has the distinction of being one of 12 existing buildings in Canada to achieve the LEED EBOM Platinum designation, and the first government building in the country to reach that status.


  • Due to its original 1990’s architecture, the facility offers plenty of natural light to reduce the requirement for electricity.
  • The building is fully metered and connected to a modern Building Automation System.  The system was upgraded to meet LEED standards for energy efficiency.  This also ensures optimal operating efficiency and tenant comfort.  Facility management is immediately notified of any unusual spikes in consumption of gas, water or electricity.
  • Sophisticated and energy efficient chillers were added in the building, which provides enhanced performance during the cooling season
  • The building has a rainwater collection system, allowing natural water to be used in washrooms.
  • According to 2013 figures, 37% less water is consumed than the average public sector building.
  • MNRF is ensuring an environmental approach to procurement by focusing on low VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials
  • Ministry employees manage a rooftop community garden, which has provided organic vegetables to local organizations like the Youth Emergency Shelter and Brock Mission.
  • IO has implemented a building-specific non-smoking policy
  • Policies are in place to ensure a green approach to cleaning, landscaping, and pest management

ESC Automation Toronto was very proud to be engaged for this existing government retrofit project. ESC Automation Toronto provided a fully integrated web based system with 500 VAV’s, AHU systems, Central Plant, Integrated Metering, New High-Efficiency Motors, VFD’s, and over 200 new control valves for improved control for space conditions.

Listed below are links to newswire and published articles that provide more information and insight into this great project.