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Building Automation Services in Toronto

  • HVAC controls installation

HVAC Controls

ESC Automation Toronto has been installing and maintaining HVAC controls for two decades in the Greater Toronto Area.

  • access controls toronto

Access Controls

ESC Automation Toronto installs access control solutions that can stand-alone or seamlessly integrate with the rest of your BMS. Integration can provide you with the ability to create powerful access scenarios to save you money on your building cost and protect your staff year after year.

  • lighting controls toronto

Lighting Controls

Our flexible and cost-effective lighting solutions will benefit not only your occupants but your staff as well. You can automate your lighting needs and enable your occupants to easily control the lighting of their space. Save money, time, and energy, all while keeping your occupants comfortable and happy with the ESC Automation Toronto lighting installation.

  • bms installation toronto

BMS Installation

We want to streamline the work for your facilities staff as much as possible. Our BMS solution gives you an easy-to-use interface to access all parts of your building through any device.

  • engineering automation building design toronto


We look at your building as a whole and not as a collection of disconnected systems. Our solution integrates HVAC, lighting, and access controls making sure your systems are working together and not against each other.

  • building optimization test toronto

Building Optimization

It’s not enough to know that something is wrong with your BMS. ESC Automation Toronto wants to help you optimize your building by enabling you to target your maintenance, use less energy, and save money.

energy analytics toronto

Energy Analytics

In the past, energy managers and engineers took a building’s schematics, utility bills and equipment and then painstakingly built energy profiles with manual calculations. Today’s software-based energy analytics does that work for you by extracting data directly from your BMS. Sophisticated algorithms swiftly analyze your building’s energy consumption and display those metrics in dashboards. With software-as-a-service energy analytics, the metrics you once had to spend hours manually calculating are now just a click away.