Waterpark Place

The WaterPark Place III building in the heart of downtown Toronto, is the first LEED® Platinum Core and Shell Tower in Toronto. WaterPark Place is the global flagship for Oxford Properties as the first smart connected building of its kind and is the new home of CISCO Systems Canada and Cisco’s New Internet of Everything (IOE) Innovation Centre. Adding to this building’s accolades, at the time of construction WaterPark Place was the largest Cisco Smart Building PoE installation by ESC Automation, containing over 1800 Delta PoE VAV controllers.


WaterPark Place was constructed as the first large-scale commercial high-rise with converged/integrated PoE LED lighting and HVAC in North America. This meant that everything would run on the IP network, rather than electrical cables. Like with any first, installing the BMS in WaterPark Place may have unforeseen challenges. There was no previous installation that ESC Automation Toronto could refer to, WaterPark Place was going to truly be the pioneer project, which is exciting and challenging at the same time.-


All of these energy and control demands lead up to one thing; your BAS network needs to be able to do more.

A 1 Gbps Ethernet network is ten thousand times faster than conventional MS\TP networks. The backbone of WaterPark Place is comprised of a single converged IP network. This future proofs the building and leverages major current technology trends. ESC Automation Toronto was part of a team that integrated HVAC, lighting, access, fire, security, and CCTV systems via an Ethernet/PoE connection.


Ethernet networks for system controllers have been around for years, but only recently has there been a move to adopt Ethernet or PoE architectures on application level controllers.
Delta Controls’ DVC-V322-PoE controller was used for the PoE installation. It provided higher communication speeds between connected systems along with device power in a single cable. This simplifies wiring and eliminates the need for a local control transformer, which reduced the cost of installation.


Usually, controls engineers are the last ones to go in, but PoE changed that.
WaterPark Place was unique as the IT core infrastructure needed to be established first before any systems were brought online. Prior to the curtain wall being installed, there were 300 VAV Controllers, tested and verified, and online with temporary power during the initial construction phase of the project.