Brampton Soccer Center

The Brampton Soccer Centre was built in 2007 in response to residents’ strong desire for a dedicated soccer facility. Inside, the Brampton Soccer Centre features four indoor turf soccer fields and a number of community rooms. More than 64,000 players use the center during the eight-month indoor season from four Brampton soccer clubs:Brampton Adult Soccer, Brampton Youth Soccer, Brampton East Youth Soccer Club and Brams United Soccer Club.


The City of Brampton needed a system that could run the entire Soccer Centre from HVAC through to lighting control.

It just wasn’t practical for the facility management personnel to continuously update the BAS schedules manually to match the fluctuating occupancy of the
Centre. The City needed a solution that could integrate their room booking software, Class 07, to communicate with the building’s BAS controllers to automatically modify each field’s occupancy schedules.


To help the Brampton Soccer Centre achieve their energy savings goals, ESC Automation Toronto proposed the Delta Facility Scheduler (DFS).

The DFS software acts as a link between the centre’s third-party facility booking software and their Delta Controls BAS. Whenever a facility event booking is made, the BAS schedules controlling those area’s systems are automatically changed to match the centre’s booking schedule.


The DFS from Delta Controls makes implementing basic energy management strategies simple by eliminating the need for extra steps. Often, energy optimization procedures implemented in buildings don’t continue over the long term as any additional steps and complexity to the operator’s workflow are eliminated due to time pressure. To the people responsible for booking space at the Brampton Soccer Centre it is as if nothing has changed. Behind the scenes, the DFS changes all affected mechanical systems automatically.


Saving energy is a noble goal; saving money at the same time is just a good business decision.
After ESC Automation Toronto completed the DFS software integration, measurable savings began to add up:

$17,222 in HVAC savings per year.
$29,798 in lighting savings per year.

These identified savings allowed the City of Brampton to petition for additional incentive savings available through Hydro One and Enbridge Gas. The Enbridge Gas incentive savings totalled in excess of $6,000.00 alone.