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ESC Automation Toronto

Integrated Solutions

We integrate building systems from HVAC, Access and Lighting, to third-party software and hardware applications within the Greater Toronto Area.

Building Automation Done Right

As a trusted full service provider, ESC Automation Toronto provides complete Building Automation Solutions: from integrated building controls and installation to complete training and service maintenance.

Decades Long Partnership

We are proud to be the sister company and oldest partner of Delta Controls Inc.  Delta Controls is a leading independent BACnet Manufacturer of DDC building automation products and software, with over 300 distributors in over 80 countries.

Installing Smart Building Solutions

At ESC Automation Toronto we understand that the construction and install costs are just part of the equation. We develop solutions that save you money and time not just during installation process, but for the life of your building as well.

  • With our sister company CopperTree Analytics, we are able to integrate energy management, and fault detection diagnostics with your BMS solution to help you better control your resources.
  • Our Power over Ethernet solution combines power and data into a single wire making your building future-proof and easier to integrate into I.T systems.
  • Our solutions will extend life for your equipment, optimize the way you deploy your staff, streamline the management of your own workday priorities and while decreasing your energy usage.

About Us

For over 2 decades, ESC Automation Toronto has been installing building automation systems and controls in the Greater Toronto Area.

We are a service-based company focused on the long-term performance and efficiency of your building.

We take pride in serving our customers from project conception to completion.

Whether we’re installing HVAC controls, lighting controls, secured access or CCTV systems, you’ll find our service fast, complete, and backed by years of experience.

This dedication to service is why we retain our customers for decades.

ESC Automation Toronto has worked with clients across all sectors including government facilities, commercial offices, hospitals, universities and sporting venues.

These dramatically different buildings each present a wide variety of individual installation requirements and show the breadth of our experience.

do it right


Our teams are characterized by a ‘Do It Right’ attitude which we look for in everyone we hire. We look after our people and as a result of our culture we retain loyal and experienced employees in all disciplines to deliver the best client experience.




Our goal is to protect our environment and energy resources by adopting responsible, sustainable practices in our daily operations and by making our clients’ buildings more efficient. The automation system we install is manufactured in Vancouver with active consideration for the resulting carbon footprint.


privately owned


We enjoy the flexibility and agility of being a private organization, which large corporate organizations can only envy, but with the scale of being part of a larger group.